F*ck Wilford Brimley!

Last Tuesday, I was diagnosed with steroid diabetes. Also called endocrine diabetes. As you can tell its from too much steroids very a long period of time.

I would get a steroid injection after each treatment for 19 months. After that was over, I was given a steroid shot for trigger point injections in my hips to control the deterioration and inflammation. If the trouble with my hips spread to my legs or spine, I was given a pack of them to be taken for a week. Basically I was on steroids non-stop for about 2 years. When you’re given steroids sporadically as needed for inflammation, the normal persons endocrine system flushes it out. Given regularly over time, it becomes harder and harder for those organs to repair themselves.

I’ve seen it referred to as Type 1 or Type 2. A friend of mine from work has diabetes due to a chronic autoimmune disease and depending on which doctor or which source she asks, the same issue happens. No one can come to agreement on which Type it is.

I’m controlling it with metformin and diet…poorly. Regular coke is just so tasty! It’s my weakness. Did I mention carbs. Carbs are out as well. Fiber is on the no-no list, too! Ugh. I’m trying to be good and check my blood glucose 3 times a day.

**I’ll be the one in the corner, pouting with a Diet Coke and no carbs or fiber. Seriously, what is there to eat that doesn’t have carbs, fiber, or sugar? Seriously, what is there???