Shots! Shots! Chemo Shots!

Last week was pretty rad! I turned 42, I got to see friends, I felt good! Then Thursday decided to be a dick.

I woke up more tired than usual and was a bit chilly. My face felt warm but nothing crazy. My temperature was low grade. Only 99.1 Then it started making its ascent. I tried every trick I knew…cool cap, wet cloths, wetting my hair, light clothing…and nothing would get rid of it completely. I thought maybe my port was infected or one of my mastectomy sites needed a re-excision again. I contacted my oncologist and made an appointment for the next day. I got antibiotics and was off for a Labor Day BBQ!

Later that day, the lymph nodes in the right side of my neck started swelling. The headache was a bonus. I was already on antibiotics and not an emergency, so I figured an ER trip was silly.

I just got back from the doctor who is suspecting some sort of blood infection. After filling 4 bottles (yes bottles, not vials) and munching on Sees candy, I was on my merry little way.

Now the fear is setting in. I have at least a week until the results are in.

I’m so tired of cancer scares!!!

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