Shots! Shots! Chemo Shots!

Last week was pretty rad! I turned 42, I got to see friends, I felt good! Then Thursday decided to be a dick.

I woke up more tired than usual and was a bit chilly. My face felt warm but nothing crazy. My temperature was low grade. Only 99.1 Then it started making its ascent. I tried every trick I knew…cool cap, wet cloths, wetting my hair, light clothing…and nothing would get rid of it completely. I thought maybe my port was infected or one of my mastectomy sites needed a re-excision again. I contacted my oncologist and made an appointment for the next day. I got antibiotics and was off for a Labor Day BBQ!

Later that day, the lymph nodes in the right side of my neck started swelling. The headache was a bonus. I was already on antibiotics and not an emergency, so I figured an ER trip was silly.

I just got back from the doctor who is suspecting some sort of blood infection. After filling 4 bottles (yes bottles, not vials) and munching on Sees candy, I was on my merry little way.

Now the fear is setting in. I have at least a week until the results are in.

I’m so tired of cancer scares!!!

It’s All About The Accessories

There’s an infection somewhere, but not in my port. My fever is gone for now, but I have blisters on my tongue and my lips are crazy dry. She told me they look like leather haha My oncologist said to rest for a few days, avoid crowds, lots of fluids, Tylenol, and she told me to call her if my fever spikes again. Also, treatment is still on for the 6th.

She checked my mastectomy scars and said how beautifully the sites were healing after the re-excision. I’m so happy the infection isn’t coming from that again!

At least I have a fabulous hat!