Pre-Birthday Reflections

I was planning on posting last night but I felt exceptionally whiny so I thought I should pass. I was feeling really down. I started a new med on Saturday and slept until Sunday evening. I could do without “chemo coma”. I felt awful and my head felt so thick. It’s my 42nd birthday tomorrow and I have my monthly oncology appointment as well, but this blood draw is to make sure my body can handle the new regimen I’m starting.

Tomorrow will also be one year since I was dx with stage 4 endometrial carcinoma. It was a shit birthday last year. But that was last year. I can’t base the rest of my life off of the “but last year…” and think things are going to keep spiraling. Last year is just that. I was also dx with breast cancer earlier that year and I owned that bad b*tch too. It’s a new year of life for me. Last year I didn’t think I’d make it to 41, let alone 42! I fought hard for this life. I’m still fighting and I will keep fighting. I’m sure the tears will be plentiful…hell, they’ve been flowing for weeks! This is the 2nd year I’ve given the finger to this disease. I’m not gonna stop now.

Everyone raise a glass or a finger tomorrow! Happy birthday, dammit!!