It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood!

Summer in SoCal is pretty hot in July. After weeks in the house being a neutropenic hermit, a warm summer day was just the stay-cation I needed! I traded in my Star Wars pj bottoms (that probably could have stood up by themselves!) for a tank top and shorts, grabbed my sunglasses, and hit the sun chair 😎

Well, after about 32 seconds of sweltering (I have a very low tolerance for heat and less tolerance for sweating) the tank top had to go! It was a bit intimidating, to tell the truth. This was the first time being topless outside of my house, but I was not going to let my silly insecurities get the better of me.

As I lay there letting my cares drift away, Bodhi started doing the “I see my friends” bark. I opened my eyes to see my next door neighbors 2 kids petting her. They looked over at me to say hi, then went right back to playing with my pup. A minute later, their mom comes over to say hi. I was feeling super…exposed. Bare. Guilty. Then…nothing. We had small talk for a couple minutes then she told me to enjoy the day. After trying in vain to pry the kids away from a licking puppy, they gave me a quick wave and were on their way.

In that moment, I wasn’t a cancer patient. I wasn’t defined by my scars and I didn’t feel the need to hide bare chest as to not to make anyone uncomfortable. It was such a normal interaction, it was foreign. I was comfortable in my own skin, scars and all. This is my new, fantastic normal 💕🤘🏻💕

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