Party Up In Here!!

The day before my mastectomy I had a “Boob-voyage” party. It wasn’t just important, it was necessary. I was saying goodbye to a big part of my life. They served me well. The girls needed a going away party. Not to mention booze, food, friends, and nudity. Did I mention the food??

The night before the party I used a plaster belly mold kit to have a keepsake and a tangible memory of the twins. My best friend C. helped me and it was a blast! Lots of NSFW photos.

The Boob-Voyage party was rad. Good friends, good food, and the libations were flowing. Even with all that fun, I was just sad. It seemed like something out of a dream after too much Mexican food. The kind where you’re watching your life spin around you in chaos and you’re standing there with you mouth agape and mind spinning, wondering, “What is this fuckery??”

As this rad babe said as she was leaving, “by this time tomorrow, you’ll be cancer free!” Bring on the water works. I realized, I could do it.

Dig deep. You’re a fighter.